Fiscal Year 2022 represented the most successful fundraising year in the history of the Penn State Smeal College of Business.


SMEAL-Philanthropy FY2022

Smeal Leadership Team

Charles H. Whiteman, John and Karen Arnold Dean
Steven J. Huddart, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Faculty
Brian H. Cameron, Associate Dean for Professional Graduate Programs and Executive Education
Terrence R. Guay, Associate Dean for International Programs and Director, Center for Global Business Studies
Felisa D. Higgins, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Richard L. Ayers, Chief Marketing Officer and Assistant Dean for Strategic Communications
Jamie Campbell, Assistant Dean for Diversity Enhancement
Rebecca J. Cianci, Assistant Dean for Administration
Brent W. Ambrose, Director, Ph.D. Program and Director, Borrelli Institute for Real Estate Studies
Keith J. Crocker, Chair, Department of Risk Management
William A. Kracaw, Chair, Department of Finance
Kevin W. Linderman, Chair, Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems
Henock Louis, Chair, Department of Accounting
Meg G. Meloy, Chair, Department of Marketing
Vilmos F. Misangyi, Chair, Department of Management and Organization
Westley B. Bumbarger, Financial Officer
Michelle K. Houser, Senior Director, Development and Alumni Relations
Jennifer Sieg Solbakken, Human Resources Strategic Partner
Michelle R. Darnell, Director, Tarriff Center for Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Erik B. Foley, Director, Center for the Business of Sustainability
Ashley M. Rippey, Executive Director, Business Career Center
Steve F. Tracey, Executive Director, Center for Supply Chain Research
Stefan Wuyts, Director, Institute for the Study of Business Markets

Board of Visitors

Karen L. Hughes Quintos, chair
Lara J. Warner, vice-chair
Abdul Farid Alias
John M. Arnold
Carl T. Berquist
Jason A. Borrelli
James P. Brandau
Thomas A. Buday
Peter J. Cocoziello
Troy H. Cromwell
Jeffrey E. Ellis
Jerome S. Griffith
Jonathan W. Grosso
Alan R. Guttman
Edward R. Hintz
Wanda Bryant Hope
Henry L. Ines
A. Richard Janiak
JT Marino
KC McClure
Julie M. McHugh
Ronald G. Morgan
Jean Oelwang
M. Gregory Reed
Stephen F. Reeves
J. David Rogers
Stuart A. Rothstein
Salomon Sredni
John Strackhouse
George E. Strickler
Scott L. Tarriff
Farnoosh Torabi
Candace J. Woods