Spring 2024

Artificial Intelligence

What is AI? Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a general term (first coined in 1956 by John McCarthy) to describe a machine or computer program that can perform tasks that seem “smart” (e.g. classifying loan applicants based on their financial data and diagnosing patients based on their clinical data, etc.)

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The Path to CEO

(Excerpted from the moderated discussion between Dean Charles H. Whiteman and John Geller during Executive Insights, Smeal’s signature speaker series)

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Smeal Alumni Career Services supports young professionals

Rebecca Barr, a 2021 Smeal graduate with a degree in marketing and a minor in Chinese, said that when she was considering colleges, Penn State rose to the top of her list because of its vast alumni network and focus on providing career support to its students and alumni.

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Two Smeal Alumni named Alumni Fellows

Last fall, the Penn State Alumni Association presented 13 Penn Staters, including Smeal graduates Thomas C. Hoffman II and Ryan Newman, with the Alumni Fellow Award, the most prestigious award given by the Alumni Association.

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