Fall 2022

Climate Change Risk

The video went viral: In early May 2022, a beachfront home on North Carolina’s Outer Banks collapsed into the ocean during a coastal storm. Stilts splintering like toothpicks, the house slid slow-motion into the waves and bobbed there like a giant cork.

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Embracing the Unknown

Entrepreneur Kathryn Dougherty is uncomfortable, but that’s OK. It’s a feeling the 2009 Penn State Smeal College of Business graduate seeks out.

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Collaborative Competitors

In the fall of 2019, four Penn State Smeal first-year students sat in a Nittany Consulting Group Consultant Training Program session when news of the PwC Challenge Case was announced. Brimming with confidence and eager to learn, Chimwemwe “Michael” Mitole, Sean Cullen, Haskel Canagarajah, and Neil Patel banded together to enter the competition.

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Smeal sets fundraising record

The Penn State Smeal College of Business raised a record $116 million as part of the University’s $2.2 billion “A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence” fundraising campaign.

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